Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What's this?

My goodness, it looks like someone's been sewing! These are my second and third crochet cases. The first one has already left the building-given to a dear blogless friend. The enormous one is my own and the cutesie one is a Christmas surprise for dd. I tucked some scissors inside of hers along with a set of her own hooks and that skein of Miss Babs' worsted weight. Although I honestly expect that to be knitted. She's doing more of that lately-she begged for a couple of skeins of Lion Wool yesterday to knit ds a scarf. (Well yes, of course. High time she began a stash-she'll start raiding mine otherwise)
I also sewed up some flannel pajama pants for the dc-already wrapped alas. Cars theme for the boys and Boyd's bears for C. Sweatshirts were purchased to accompany the little wonders that started the sewing frenzy. While I was turning the sewing section of the storage closet upside down in search of my Happy Lock(I have to store it in a plastic bin since one of my darlings broke the thread guide trying to reach an upper shelf) I found a bag of things that may fit B if sewn up soon. Couple of pairs of navy pants and an off white long sleeved t-shirt. Amazing how these things slip my mind. But then, I also cut out three pairs of corduroy pants for my youngest boys at the same time I cut out the pajama pants-so I guess I won't be done with sewing for a while. That's OK-haven't found a suitable pattern for the tea swap yarn yet anyway-if ya'll have any suggestions-be sure to send 'em on!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Prepare to be amazed

You guys!!! I got the most amazing package from my Cup a Tea swap pal! Take a look at this...
This is Chasing Rainbows, people. Uh huh. Yeah. Thought I was gonna fall over. I am scouring the patterns, let me tell you. It's only the best for this yarn.

The teas...have taught me that I really underestimated green teas (She sent me some of her favorites) And I really like them!

Treats... YUM! Er-that blue/white tin just might be empty already. Apparently the caramel wafers from Trader Joe's and I were meant for each other. I am very sad that we don't have that store here. And check out those stickers-are they cute or what? Love those!

And to top it all off-Lookee here... Now is this me or what? I can't tear myself away, really. I had like three books going before I opened this one, and they've all been cast aside like meaningless drivel. I'm enthralled. And I've read LOTS of books on midwifery/natural childbirth. She even had it autographed by the author who is a friend of hers! This is a real treasure, I assure you.

OK, folks-I'm just now posting this because it took me forever to figure out that I can no longer upload photos using Internet Explorer. Really. No matter how hard I try. Or on how many different days. I had no trouble at all with Firefox however, and am a little embarrassed at how long I took to try that alternative.
I've finished the book, of course. I think I'll be requesting some of her suggested titles from the library! In my opinion, every woman should read this.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


December(and late Nov) has been busier for me this year! I'm not sure I like it ;~) Haven't had much time to knit or spin. I did stain my new stool and distaff, though. So I have been doing some spinning related stuff! I really like these pieces. Oh, look! There's some gray Corrie on the bobbins-see, I have been spinning a little! I finished my mom's socks and gave them to her before she left-sorry-no pic. She was delighted!

But here's my latest FO. Remember this yarn? My sockapalooza pal sent this. Knit up great! I used Wendy's toe up pattern-very fun and easy. I have no doubt that I'll be reaching for this pattern again. This is the one with gussets by the way...

My sweetie's company has a banquet every year in November. usually they host a ton of people and give away door prizes. This year they held a smaller party and gave out gift certificates to ALL the employees AND their spouses(both previously ineligible) Whoo-Hoo! I got one for Garden Ridge! I bought a frame for what may be my favorite print of all time. See?!? Now, ya'll know how I am about collies-and doesn't this capture the collie personality perfectly? (I had to take this photo on an angle b/c of the reflection of the humongous window across the room-sorry!) I bought another item that didn't work out-had to take it back-and whaddya know, they gave me cash back! Are they supposed to do that? I didn't ask! I graciously accepted the cash and went home and ordered this.

I'm speechless. And eager. If you don't have this book, I highly recommend it! I also got some dusk Gloss and Harmony tips.

I can't start anything new, though. My shawl is still waiting for me to pick it up again. The log cabin blanket has seen a few new rows. AND, last week I cast on some mittens for C-ultra plain basics to match her church coat. I'm knitting them both at once on two circs and haven't made it past the ribbing yet! Aack! I also bought some pretty flannel to sew a new sheet/pillowcase for B's little toddler bed.
So no new socks!!!