Sunday, September 10, 2006

Future mittens

Here's last week's spinning. The pink ended up at about 14 wpi and will make some nice soft mittens for C-I should have enough for a hat, too. No, I didn't measure yardage this time.
The purple I spun up on the Swans-this week I'm spinning this wool on the Bossie. Finally doing a bit of thigh rolling, as well-certainly improves the speed-not that this spindle really needs it. I've noticed if I try to incorporate the T-tapp stance, then I can spindle spin with no shoulder pain. Nifty, eh? Nice fringe benefit as I've always liked spindles and hated to not be using them.

I put the shawl on some extra circulars and tried it on. No surprises-that's a relief! I've never really gotten over the shocker I got the time I tried EZ's Pi R Square shawl with my handspun. Still don't know what I did wrong there! Oh, well. I've decided to do four more repeats before starting the border. Finishing before the end of the month may or not happen.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Yesterday, I spent 95% of my knitting/spinning time giving the little dolly here some new hair. She is finally free of the Walmart ick-rylic horror and now sports a new 'do of Paton's Classic. Perhaps it's my imagination but I do believe her smile is a little brighter. Or maybe that's just my dd's smile spilling over onto her. Obviously, she is delighted to have Raggedy back-RA was banished to my sewing basket for some time while awaiting her trip to the beauty shop.
This AM, I sewed satin binding on my ds' beloved blankie-a cotton knit-which had the original edging gnawed to shreds by my darling. Here's his bemused expression when he realized that Mommy really WAS fixing his blankie on the sewing machine.

He didn't burst into tears, so I guess I'm OK.

Monday, September 04, 2006

What sock?

Pulling out the Emma shawl was a good idea. I have been knitting on it daily and seeing some progress-Yay! I'm really tempted to put the sts on a length of yarn so I can see it better and how it is coming out. Probably will around the end of the week.

I followed a link from a Spin-List message and found this nifty little spinning e-zine. Read through the archives and whaddya know? I was so inspired that I pulled out my Swan and did some spindling! Then when the kids went to bed, I spun some merino on the Minstrel. I suddenly realized that SAFF is less than 2 months away and I had done nothing with my lovely Grafton Fibers batt! So this week's goal is to spend 20 minutes in the AM with a spindle and 20 in the evening with the wheel. I haven't decided if I'll ply the merino back on itself for more pink or with a strand of natural merino for more yardage. I like it so far...