Monday, November 20, 2006


Wise words? Don't think to yourself, "Nah, I've looked there twice already..." 'cause you probably didn't.

Finished B's Curly Purly soaker-cute, eh? I used some Nature Spun for the waistband since the pattern advised against Merino for the top and then switched to Paton's Classic for the rest. Still need to add the lanolin back in. And I'm a little over halfway on the Ladybugz Peppermint soaker! B wasn't too thrilled with the return of cloth, but he's made the transition. No hint of him deciding to make the leap, Jen. He's a stubborn little monkey!

I've done a little more spinning and plying. Two skeins of one ply of Ashland Bay colonial and one of Finn top that I bought at SAFF a couple years back from some unknown vendor. This one's a sweater for me-no one else in my house can wear these colors! This finished up the last of the purple Colonial. I've had varying amounts of this top in the house since I started spinning 7 yrs ago. What can I say-I like purple.

As soon as I got this off the bobbins, the sock blend (nope, not a shawl, Robin, but stay tuned) from two posts back hit the wheel. I'll post a pic in my next update.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two year olds

I've put off posting for days because I am missing a key ingredient to the blog. It appears that my youngest has climbed the desk and made off with my digital camera. I've caught him trying this before and we went all through the rules on such behavior. Now it seems that my faith in his training was sadly misplaced. I've ransacked the house for 3 days and lost hours of my life in fruitless searching. I've even sunk so low as to bribe the children to help. 20 minutes was about all a $3 reward was worth. The little culprit has been even less help. His remarks to my inquiries range from "I don't know" to "the van", "outside", "the floor", "the closet". Clearly, he has no idea.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

MIsc ramblings

Did a bit of spinning this week and finished up the bobbin of Colonial. Spun a bit of my Cheviot/mohair on the new Mala, and some of my new Romeldale/Cotswold(doncha love Spindler's trades!) on my Bossie. This blend has nice shiny bits of Cotswold adding a lovely rosy glint to the brown Romeldale. I've never worked with either of these wools before-nothing like broadening your horizons.
Last weekend I started a simple hat for C out of the pink Merino. Another inch or so and I can begin the mittens!
I've done some sewing, too and will be continuing. My next project will be a couple of diaper covers for my darling B. He is apparently rather opposed to using the potty, and since I am ready to put the diaper $ back into the food budget...back into cloth he goes. And besides, the landfills have had quite enough contributions from our house, thank you very much! Yes, I'm going to knit and crochet some, too-so, be warned! There will be photos of a woolen toddler bum in the weeks ahead.