Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Here are some of the details on the new sweater. For those of you interested in such things. This is Brown Sheep's Nature Spun Worsted in Pepper. I bought this batch planning to knit something for myself, but then when the seasons changed, I saw that I have several black sweaters already. What can I say? They were purchased-they didn't make a big impression ;~) Although none of them were what I envisioned making when I purchased the yarn, I still can't quite justify ANOTHER black sweater. I made an ASJ a couple of years back, and still want to frog it(due to the whole "explosion in a paint factory" look) and the main color there-yep, black. Therefore, I'll still have some black knitting for me later this season. If I can get to it. So...this yarn went to my eldest-we have similar coloring.

Anyway, I pulled out my Addi Turbos(size 3 since I didn't have any larger Addis and I wanted to use them for some reason) I chose a nice basic cable-a 13 st width three strand plait from BW's 1st Treasury and cast on for the saddles. You want a couple of inches' width for a saddle and one repeat worked great here. After working to the point of the shoulder(roughly four and a half inches in this case) I put the live sts on a strand of wool(to be worked downward later when it's sleeve time) and picked up along the side(s) for the back. I had measured my boy and knew I wanted to make a 32"sweater. Since my gauge was 5 sts to the inch, I knew I wanted a total of 160 sts around the fullest part of the chest. I picked up 24 sts along the saddle, knitted on 24 sts for the back of the neck(BW recommends splitting the back into thirds)then 24 for the opposing saddle. See? Nothing too hard so far :~) I did add three short rows along the back of the neck to shape the shoulder area, then just knitted straight toward the underarm. When I reached his underarm line, I began to increase a st at those outside edges. This gave me those extra 16 sts I needed, and soon all was ready and waiting to be joined together and knit in one long piece-front, back, side, once I had the fronts ready. I did a couple of short rows on them, too. Well, actually, I did add an extra st to each front for a selvage. So, I've got 162 sts and I plan to knit another inch or two before putting these sts on a length of wool and then picking up for the sleeves.

So, this evening I'm knitting merrily along and loving the fact that I can try this nifty piece of knitting on the recipient whenever the mood strikes. Which is pretty often, 'cause I'm just so entranced by the whole designing with Barbara thing.
J should be hiding in his closet by tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Made it!

Here's how things are looking so far :~) When I try it on-this is about elbow length. I really, really like how it is turning out! Even all the purling isn't getting to me. Lovely needles, special (to me)yarn-how could it? But, I still have many, many rows left before I can think about edging, and those rows are getting longer, so....

I have cast on for J's cardigan. I'm using Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top to help with all the figuring. In this pic, I have cast on all the sts needed for the fronts and have a couple inches more before I can cast on at the underarms and join. I am going back and forth on what sort of front closure I want. I-cord and a zipper? Garter st borders and buttons? I guess I'll save that one for later. I like the Plait cable on the saddles-not that you can see it in the photo ;~)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Going for three

Yep, the one at a time thing is almost over. A week's about all I'm good for people. I'm hoping for three more repeats on the shawl before casting on for J's cardigan. I even knit a dishcloth over the weekend(that doesn't really count though, right? It would if it were a big project-but a dishcloth? Nah.)
Anyway, all last winter the poor boy wore the most outlandish jacket to church. Picture this, that plasticky water-repellant fabric in a bold colorblock pattern that would make a gypsy stare. My heart bled for him, but nevertheless, I could not cast on to end the misery. But no more! I've made the important decisions-top down construction/saddle shoulder(a simple plait cable from BW's 1st treasury)st st body. Possibly a garter st border, although that could change. I have some black (I know, I know)Nature Spun in the stash that will look nice on him. I should have enough for a matching cap, too.
Never fear-I will continue to knit the shawl. I really like Feather and Fan. Three rows plain and one simple pattern row is really good for me now that school is back in session. Enough going on to keep things interesting, but not so much that my brain is shorting out. I finished the tenth pattern repeat last night and expect to need twenty more, being the tall person that I am. The yarn is lovely, the color perfect-don't worry that it will disappear into the storage closet. Next time I may even have a picture for you!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Skein 2

I finished the first skein today. OK, OK, it was the smallest skein-but still! I know that soon this shawl will become large and the rows will take forever, I will despair of ever finishing, etc. So, I'm making a big deal out of this little mark of progress-joining in the next skein. I've been ignoring my other WIPs since casting this on on Sunday, although this phase doesn't usually last long with me. I'm already planning to put a new marker in every week to show me the truth about how much knitting is actually taking place.

I'm using size 3 Addi Naturas for this shawl. First time I've used these and I am very, very happy with them. They are superb in every way. At least until I saw these. I think I'm asking for those for Christmas!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


The yarn is really finished this time. I know I've said that before, but I decided (after seeing the neck edge taking shape) that the natural gray would look wretched on me. A dye bath necessitates having ALL the yarn that you need-no exceptions-so I had to spin up another bobbin, ply and then dye.
Tomorrow I'm casting on!

Friday, September 07, 2007

One down, eleven to go

Much of this week was a crazed attempt to get ready for this morning. (The crazed part happens when you are not a particularly organized person) The kiddos and I started back to our Friday homeschool co-op program today. This is something of a stretch for me anyway since I am Not a Morning Person.
But today was the first day of teaching children other than my own. This would be the class where we try to teach ten giggling girls how to make yarn. The other teacher-good thing she's a dear friend!- was not here today. But, although my exhaustion level is a bit high due to all the late nights this week, I did survive it! (You shoulda seen me...up 'til way late, feverishly glueing hooks into dowels, fitting those little rubber grommets onto CDs, pillaging the stash for suitable "samples" to show the future yarnmakers...I think I should've started earlier)
So, I sent 'em home with a CD spindle with a couple of yards of sportweight wool yarn on the shaft to get them accustomed to spinning the spindle. That and some basic instructions to read over. I have some Romney/Perendale roving for them-I'll send that home with them next week and see how they do!