Saturday, April 26, 2008

Don't ya

ripping back? I made the sock I'm working on's foot just a bit too long, so the perfectly executed heel must be re-worked. Sigh. I'm listening to These High Green Hills as I work on these. I love audio books!
I'm also smoothing the walls of my bathroom(which were left a dismal mess after dh and I hired an apparent novice to pull a cabinet out and install a pedestal sink two and a half years ago) Our current contractors showed how to do it. I went out, bought the stuff, and sailed in. I wish I'd taken before and after photos. When that room is done, I'm starting on the main bath. The previous owners tried to create a textured surface and, while they succeeded in a few places, they failed miserably in others.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


was Earth Day-I planted some Marigold, Bush Bean and Rainbow Chard seeds. My spring garden has just poked along, nothing is growing very well this year except for this Red Leaf lettuce. I'm perplexed since spring is usually my best season. Ah, well. Red Leaf lettuce is a great crop and I am picking it daily. The flavor and texture is wonderful! Take a look at these paperwhites. Mine are the last to bloom in my area. My neighbor just across the street has some and they bloomed quite a while ago. Every year I begin to wonder if mine are going to bloom at all, and just when I've given up, here they come! It gives me such a thrill to see that first bloom :~) My Iris show no sign of blooming yet either and yet there are colorful blooms in nearly every yard all over the neighborhood. Micro-climates are funny that way.
Here's that new sock toe. I'm using Wendy's toe-up pattern again-I love seeing it take shape. The yarn is one strand of KnitPick's Essential and one strand of their alpaca lace weight. The name (and tag) escapes me. I'm knitting these on the size 0, 24" Harmony circs. Hope I don't break one! They seem so slender...
In other news, here's a shot of what my kitchen has become. New counter/floor. Some cabinets were removed to open up space between the cooking/prep area and the eating area. That may be my favorite change. The area that once housed my ovens now holds our microwave and some things that once lived on the counter. There is still a bit of work in the laundry area, installing baseboards/shoe molding. Then I can begin painting. Even plain off white is exciting when it signals the end of a long project!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hanging my head in shame...

'cause it's been over a month since my last post! It's been busy here, though. No goofing off-well, not much anyway :~) The contractors we hired to replace the warped cabinetry/torn out walls/ruined counters are still at it. This is their second week-ooh, wait-maybe it's the third? It's becoming a blur, I admit. There are currently three projects going and one waiting in the queue. I had hopes that all would be completed by Friday afternoon, but...I'd be shocked. Don't think it's their fault-we've added a couple of small things and one or two presented themselves. What is done is looking fantastic, though! I'll post a photo when all the tools are cleared away!

I spent some time Tuesday spinning on that bobbin of silver Cormo. I need to wash some more locks before I can continue, but I think I've freaked out the workers enough. So, that'll have to wait 'til next week. I have another pair of socks waiting to be cast on anyway! Another pair for my step-dad, plain st st this time-fast mindless knitting. Just what the Dr. ordered!